Retail Insight: the professionals

Retail Insight is a Dutch, independent, business consultancy firm founded in 2005 and specializing in consumer markets. We support and assist corporations in strategy and concept development, in mergers and acquisitions, in improving primary processes and in change management. We not only work as consultants, but if necessary also as program or interim managers.

Our cost structure is as you might expect from retailers so our fees are competitive.

The core of the Retail Insight firm are four professionals who all have a proven track record both as executives working for retail organizations and as professional consultants.

Jan Kessels, Jaco Scheffers and Pieter van der Veer worked as a consultant at KPMG Consulting, but their roots are in retail. Jan Kessels was managing director of department stores De Bijenkorf, Vroom & Dreesmann and HEMA. He had more than 30 years of retail experience before joining KPMG Consulting and Nolan Norton. Jaco Scheffers worked for Exxon, as group director at Vendex KBB Specialty Stores and as senior partner at KPMG Consulting. Pieter van der Veer worked as consultant for KPMG Consulting and as senior manager supply chain for Hunkemöller
and Vroom & Dreesmann. Martin de Jong held several marketing and sales management positions at NCR and also worked as a consultant at KPMG Consulting.